Most simple alterations like shortening length in dresses, trousers, jacket sleeves etc. we can complete to order with a standard charge of £10 to £15. 

More complicated re-constructions, alterations & repairs will cost more. The best way to get in touch with David is via email on 


Creative Director David George is our alterations tailor, with a BA (Hons) in textile design and having studied pattern-cutting at the London School of Fashion, he has been working with fabric for a long time.

In menswear retail in the late 80's early 90's he even spent time in charge of a made-to-measure suit department in a large Brighton store. 

He designed and made trousers, shirts and shorts for a surf wear brand. He currently makes cushions, boys shirts, tea cosys, bags and more for June & George

He has been sewing for many years, designing, making, altering and repairing clothes and house-hold textiles since he was a small boy.